How can I fix my car key when the rubber buttons fall off ?


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How might I settle this to make the auto key usable in the event that regardless I have the elastic catches? Shouldn’t something be said about in the event that I don’t at present have the elastic catches? I would prefer not to spend heaps of cash as the auto is old and won’t not keep going long.

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    The means I took were to open the key coxcomb, and expel the elastic layer from within the dandy. Set the plastic case aside, and tape the free catches set up to the layer from the front to hold them in the correct position. At that point I layered on a few thin layers of the fluid electrical tape on the back of the film until it developed a decent thickness. After that was all dry, then evacuate the tape and tenderly peel off the catches. There ought to now be an immaculate impression in the elastic layer where the catches were. Client super paste and for all time stick the catches on. Reassemble the entire dandy, and it will be much the same as new.

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