how much does it cost to change the locks?


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I need to change 2 locks on a front door and one lock on garage. I wonder how much costs the locks and the labor of a locksmith. Can some one help me here ?

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  1. Kevin

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    To answer this question we need to know what sort of locks you have, and if you have a wooden door.
    If you have a simple yale-type nightlatch with a round cylinder rose on the outside and a plain knob on the inside (very insecure)a replacement cylinder can be bought for a few pounds and fitted by anyone skilled with a screwdriver and pliers.
    If you have a British Standard mortice deadlock (which you should have) then even less skill is needed, PROVIDED that you buy a replacement which is exactly the same size including the position of the keyhole (even a variation of 6mm may mean you need drill and chisel work). The newer the lock is the more likely you are to find an exact match. Look at the front of the mortice lock, it should have a kitemark which in tiny print will have a BS number and year (the year is important). Given this, and the make, which will also be on the front of the lock, I can give you a good idea of how easy it will be to match.

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