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What Locks To Change When You Move Home

What Locks To Change When You Move Home

Even with a reliable and trustworthy removalist, in the chaos of moving home, it can be easy to overlook things. Most people forget to change the locks to their new home. But it should be at the top of your list of things to do!

You are more than twice as likely to be burgled when you move into a new house in the 12 months after you move than you regularly would.

Who Has A Spare Key To Your Home?

With the number of homes bought and sold each year, as well as the constant changeover of tenants from rental properties, buyers are unaware of how many people have previously had access to their new home. As well as how many sets of spare keys somebody may still have.

An estimated 50% of people give away a spare set of keys to somebody for their home. Whether it is to friends or family, a tradesperson or cleaner, or a real estate agent or a neighbour, it means there are a lot of spare keys in circulation. Not everyone hands them back.

Why Change The Locks

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics an estimated 228, 300 homes in Australia experienced at least one break-in during 2016-17. That is 2.5% of households nationwide.

Of those break-ins:
● 74% of homes had property stolen
● 29% of homes had personal items stolen
● 49% of homes had property damaged
● 11% of homes had someone still in the home who the offender confronted

If someone has a key already, it makes it even easier for someone to gain access to your property. It also puts you and your family at risk.

Changing locks lets you know that your loved ones are safe, and you can relax in your new home.

What Locks To Change

A lot of people who do change the locks when they move to their new home have the right idea in regards to protecting their home. But they are still putting their home, family and contents at risk.

Many people change the lock on the front door only. But, there are many other entry points into a home.

So what locks should you change when you move home?

The following checklist contains all of the locks you should change. Doing so will give you complete peace of mind and ensure the safety of your home.

The Front Door

This is the most important lock to change. The spare key given to people the most is for the front door. It’s also the way which most unforced break-ins occur.

The Back Door

You should also change the lock for the backdoor. While it’s not as likely that someone has a copy of your backdoor key, it’s still a possibility and will allow them easy access.

The Mailbox

A lock which people almost always forget to change is the mailbox lock. Anyone who has a copy can walk past at any time and steal your mail, which contains confidential information, which at worst can be used for identity fraud.

It’s also much easier to access the lock on a mailbox, as it doesn’t require someone to enter your home, meaning there is far less chance someone will see them.


If your front door has a deadbolt, you should also change this lock. If someone still has a set of keys, they will be able to unlock the deadbolt, which then doesn’t give your front door as much security as it would with a new lock as well as a new deadbolt lock.


Do you have windows which you can lock with a key? If so you should replace all of these locks. Not necessarily so much to prevent someone from getting in, as you can only unlock these windows from the inside.

Opening the windows will allow fresh air to flow into your home, but most importantly, in case there was an emergency in your home, such as a fire, it gives you an extra emergency exit. If you can’t get the windows open to get out, it can be a life and death situation.

Balcony Door

While this may seem a little extreme, it’s still recommended to change the lock on the door which leads to your balcony.

It is possible for people to gain access to balconies in many different ways, especially if they are determined to break in and have a key.

Garage Door

Does your garage door have a regular key and lock? You should replace it, even if you have bought a brand new home.

If the door has a remote control, it’s far less likely for someone to make a copy of a remote. It’s also way more expensive than a regular key. Because of this it generally isn’t required to replace with a new garage door opener. But it is something you should potentially consider.

Shed Door

Do you have a storage shed on your property? This is one of the areas which are highly targeted for break-ins, especially since it is separate to the home. It is also usually where people keep expensive tools. Make sure to add a new lock to your shed to protect your valuable power tools, and also any items which are kept in the shed for additional storage.

Complete Peace Of Mind

By having a trustworthy locksmith change all of these locks around your home, it gives you total peace of mind to know that every access point in your home is secure from unforced entry.

With the number of people who have previously had access to a key to your home, it is a risk not worth taking. Anyone at any time could easily gain access to your home.

Also, if someone breaks into your home using an unforced entry method with a key, often your insurance policy will not cover the break-in.

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